Rules & Regulations

  • The dignity of the Court is to be represented & maintained at all times.

  • Persons should be appropriately dressed.

    Shorts, flip-flops, jogging/sweat suits, sleeveless shirts, clothing with inappropriate gestures or wording are not permitted in the Courtroom.

  • Men will tuck their shirts into their pants.

  • No reading of newspapers, magazines, or other items except official papers.

  • No bringing food, bottles, paper cups, or beverage containers into the Courtroom.

  • No propping of feet on tables, chairs, or benches.

  • No making noises or talking which interferes with the Court procedure.

  • No smoking

  • Before entering a Courtroom where Court is in session, a person should first remove overcoat, hat, etc.

  • No person should, by any facial expression, shaking of the head, or any other conduct, exhibit approval or disapproval of any testimony elicited or any statement of transaction which has occurred in the Courtroom.

  • All communications devices should be turned off or placed on vibrate.

  • Hands shall be kept out of pockets and in plain view when approaching the bench.

  • No recording devices/cameras.

  • No person under the influence of drugs or intoxicating beverages will be allowed in the Courtroom.

  • Doorways and passageways shall be kept clear at all times.

Any violation of the above rules will be considered contempt of court.