The Town of Pearl River, bordering the Honey Island Swamp, offers easy access to gas, restaurants, lodging, and visitors’ everyday needs. Being close to Interstates I59, I10, and I12, the Town is conveniently located to support the recreational challenges for the area.

Being the gateway to Louisiana, the Town of Pearl River and the Honey Island Swamp provide many recreational activities for anyone from the novice to the experienced adventurer, including boating, swamp tours, kayaking and canoeing, natural trails, and the beautiful sandbars that are located on many bends on the West Pearl. Along with the fish species, the bald cypress and blackgum in the swamp canopy offer an excellent nesting area for many bird populations, including the soaring Swallow-tail Kites during the summer months.

Explorers Iberville and Bienville named the Pearl River, where pearls were found at the mouth of the river. The rivers support over 130 varieties of fresh water fish, including the protected gulf sturgeon that migrates from salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico to spawn in the river basin. It offers one of the most diverse river systems in the United States and runs through the heart of the Honey Island Swamp, giving it and the Town of Pearl River unique recreational as well as ecological opportunities.

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