The community that is today Pearl River was originally known as Halloo, a moniker it reputedly garnered from loggers yelling to one another as they labored along the nearby Pearl River. The town was founded in 1859. Early Halloo was a small railroad town, located at the junction of the Northeastern and Poitevent and Favre’s East Louisiana Railroads. In 1886 a train station was constructed at the site, and two years later Samuel Russ Poitevent (June 4, 1852 – June 3, 1904), established the first store in the village. The community’s name was first changed from Halloo to Pearl, later to Pearlville, and eventually Pearl River, in 1888, after the train station built in the town.

On July 13, 1898, the 200 citizens of Pearl River voted to petition the state of Louisiana for incorporation as the “Village of Pearl River”, a request which was granted nearly a decade later, on May 24, 1906, by governor Newton Crain Blanchard, with G.W. Fuller as the first mayor. The village slowly modernized over the course of the next half century, acquiring the land for a courthouse in 1935 and a town hall ten years later. Pearl River Junior High was opened in 1963, but the building was made into a police training academy in 2005. In 1964, the village insignia was replaced, as the newly minted “town” laid claim to 1,500 residents, a designation that lives on today, in the town of about 2,500. In 1968 Pearl River High School was established on Taylor Drive with Mr. Rowley as principal. The school is now a major success with over 700 students total. Mr. Mike Winkler resides as principal. Mr. James “Jim” Lavigne served as Mayor of Pearl River from 1992 to 2014. Mr. Lavigne served as Mayor longer than anyone in Pearl River before. He lost the Mayor elections in November 2014 to David McQueen.

Past Mayors

David McQueen

James Lavigne

Janice McQueen

Otis Sims

Robert Harper

Horace Combs

J.D. McQueen

Sidney Crawford

C.W. Garrott

William (Bill) Holden

Luther Crawford

Lamuel Moran

O.B. Oliver

Robert E. Crawford

O.B. Oliver

James Robinson

R.E. Crawford

J.D. Day

W.Y. Poms

H.S. Hubner

James Verson

Bunard McGebee

A.B. Verson

F.W. Egglester

Henry J. Miller

A.H. Heuly

E.H. Roberson

M.W. Lauer

W.S. Fazer

M.W. Lauer

H. H. Beard

J.B. Brown

G.W. Fuller

Pearl River Then & Now

Village of Pearl River

On May 24, 1906, a proclamation was made by the State of Louisiana incorporating the Village of Pearl River in St. Tammany Parish. A petition had to be draw up by a list of voters. A mayor and 3 aldermen were appointed by the Governor.


Electric current and transmission lines were installed in the Village in 1931 by Ellis Crawford


In August of 1935, $150.00 was borrowed to purchase land for a courthouse.

Street Lights

First street lights by Gulf Public Service Land purchased for Town Hall building.

Slot Machines

In March of 1949, slot machines were outlawed in the village. More property was purchased from Frank Bennett.

Community House

A space was rented in the Community House by the State for $300.00 a year for a library and a polling booth.

Blacktop Road

Our first street was blacktopped. Gas lines were put in by the United Gas Company.


A street was given to the Town by the heirs of Thomas and Josephine McQueen running 540 feet north which was later named Josephine Street. On September 11, when the Town had reached 1,500 in population, Governor John McKeithan by proclamation changed the Village to a Town. Norwood McDonald and Robert Harper were appointed.

Community/Senior Center

The Town build our Community Center/Senior Center. Today, COAST delivers meals to our seniors and our community has a facility to rent for events.


Our playground was built and has had many additions throughout the years.


The Town built our outstanding museum. Many items were donated or on loan for our residents to view the history and progress.

Splash Pad

Our Splash Pad was built in 2009 for our kids (young and old) to come cool off during our hot summers. The Water Park is behind the Town Hall between the Town Hall and Town playground on South Church Street.